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Training For Operating Systems

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An operating system or OS is the interface between the computer hardware and the human user. It controls the computer's tasks and manages system resources to optimise the performance of the computer.

If you would like to learn more about operating systems and are looking for cost effective training then you may want to consider computer based training courses. These are courses that you study at home and/or your office using the following methods – online training or web based training, CD-ROM training and DVD-ROM training. You can find operating system training courses for Windows, Linux, Unix and also for the Macintosh.

There are a wide range of courses available for the following operating system training courses:

Windows Training

  • Windows XP Training

  • Windows Server 2003 Training

  • Windows Server 2008 Training

  • Windows Vista Training

Linux Training

  • Red Hat Linux Training

  • Linux Professional Institute Level 1 Training

  • RHCT Training

  • RHCE Training

Unix Training

  • Unix User Course Training

  • Unix Shell Fundamentals Training

  • Unix Shell Scripting Advanced Training

  • HP-UX Administration Training

  • Sun Microsystems Solaris CX-310-014 Training Course

  • Sun Solaris: Administration Training Course

  • IBM/AIX Administration CD Training

  • SCO/SVR 5 Administration CD Training

Apple Macintosh Training

  • Mac OS 9 Training Course

  • Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Training Course

  • Mac OS X Automator Training Course

  • Mac OS X Dashboard Training Course

  • Mac OS X Jaguar Fundamentals Training Course

  • Mac OS X Panther Training Course

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