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Installing the Resource Kit

In Category: Windows 98

From the CD in the \TOOLS\RESKIT directory, you can install the Windows98 Resource Kit.
The following is an excerpt from a document included on the CD that lists all the programs that can be installed.

1. BATCH.EXE: Microsoft Batch Setup utility. Creates files for automated installation of Windows 98 and components.
2. CHDOSCP.EXE: Code Page Changer. Changes the Code Page used for MS-DOS-based programs to match Windows 98 Regional Settings.
3. CHECKLINKS.EXE: Link Check Wizard. Finds and eliminates dead links and shortcuts.
4. CLIPTRAY.EXE: Clip Tray. Optimizes and manages the Clipboard.
5. FAT32WIN.EXE: Fat32 Conversion Information Tool.
6. INFINST.EXE: Windows 98 Inf installer Utility.
7. LFNBACK.EXE: Long Filename Backup Utility.
8. MINITEL .TTF Files. Minitel font emulation files for HyperTerminal.
9. NETMON: Network Monitor. Service for remote monitoring of network performance on Windows 98 client machines.
10. QUIKTRAY.EXE: Quick Tray. Organizes the icons in the Windows 98 system tray.
11. POLEDIT.EXE: System Policy Editor. Sets administrative policies to define configuration settings for individual users, individual computers, or groups of users.
12. PWLEDIT.EXE: Windows 98 Password List Editor.
13. REMOTREG: Microsoft Remote Registry. Service for remotely viewing and editing the Registry on Windows 98 client machines.
14. RPCPP: Remote Procedure Call Print Provider. Service for administering network printers from Windows 98 machines.
15. SNMP Agent: Windows 98 SNMP network protocol agent.
16. TEXTVIEW.EXE: Text file viewer. Quickly displays the contents of text files.
17. TIMETHIS.EXE: Time This. Scripting tool that times how long it takes for the system to execute a given command.
18. TWEAKUI.EXE: Power Toy. Enhances and customizes the Windows 98 desktop.
19. TZEDIT.EXE: Time Zone Editor. Creates and edits time zone entries for the Date/Time icon in Control Panel.
20. USBVIEW.EXE: USB Viewer. USB Device information and troubleshooting tool.
21. WAITFOR.EXE: Scripting tool that causes the computer to wait for a signal sent over the network.
22. WHERE.EXE: Command-line tool that reports the location of a specified file on the hard disk.
23. WINDIFF.EXE: File and Directory comparison. Compares the contents of files or directories and reports differences.
24. WINSET.EXE. Command-line/scripting tool that sets global environment variables for Windows 98.
25. WSHADMIN.HLP: Windows Scripting Host Administrator's Guide. Guide to running scripts and designing applications for Windows Scripting Host.


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